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LinkToSpace is a Belgium website made for people who are looking for the right astronomy or spaceflight site on the internet. This website contains links to websites about astronomy or spaceflight and brings you the latest news. You can also visit the Rocket & Satellite database for information about spacecrafts, rockets or space probes Telescopes. LinkToSpace will be your link to the universe…


  • What would the mission of the United States Space Force be?
    President Trump’s recent directive to the Defense Department to create a new branch of the military, a United States Space Force, was not an idle musing. Trump’s proposal derives from a growing debate inside military and political circles about how to best meet the threat posed to American space assets... Read more »
  • Former astronaut criticizes lunar gateway plans
    WASHINGTON — A former NASA astronaut used an appearance at a National Space Council meeting June 18 to argue that a key element of NASA’s plans to return humans to the moon should be reconsidered. Appearing on a panel during the meeting at the White House, Terry Virts said that the... Read more »
  • Trump: ‘We are going to have the Space Force’
    WASHINGTON — President Trump on Monday threw a wrench into the Pentagon’s carefully laid out plans to analyze how best to reorganize the military’s space forces. In remarks kicking off a meeting of the National Space Council, Trump pointedly directed the Pentagon to create a Space Force as a “separate... Read more »
  • President to sign space traffic management policy
    WASHINGTON — President Trump will sign a new space policy directive June 18 addressing space traffic management issues, closely following the proposed policy that Vice President Pence announced in April. The president is expected to sign Space Policy Directive 3 during a meeting of the National Space Council at the White... Read more »
  • Cruz still studying what agency should oversee non-traditional commercial space missions
    WASHINGTON — A key senator says he’s keeping an open mind regarding who in the federal government should have responsibility for the oversight of “non-traditional” commercial space activities. Speaking at a meeting of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) June 14, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of... Read more »
  • Defense budget bill creates path for future network of military, commercial communications satellites
    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has to explain how it will buy communications services from the private sector to supplement military satellites, congressional appropriators said in a report last week. The language from the House Appropriations defense subcommittee picks up where it left off in March when it inserted $600 million in... Read more »
  • National Space Council wins industry praise as it prepares for next meeting
    WASHINGTON — As the National Space Council prepares for its third public meeting, its activities to date have won widespread praise in the space community, even as there is some skepticism about the effectiveness of the council’s advisory group that will soon meet for the first time. The council is scheduled... Read more »


Launch Date Launch Site Rocket Payload Mission
– 9 March Kourou Ariane 5 ECA Hot Bird 7A, SPAINSAT Communication satellites
– 14 March Vandenberg Pegasus Space Tech 5 3 micro satellites
– 30 March Baikonur Soyuz ISS 12S Expedition 12 crew
– 20 April Cape Canaveral Atlas 5 Astra 1KR Communication satellite
– 10 May Cape Canaveral Discovery STS-121 Manned spaceflight
– 17 May Baikonur Proton-M Hot Bird 8 Communication satellite
– 30 Juin Baikonur Soyuz Fregat METOP Weather satellite
– 22 July Cape Canaveral Delta 2 STEREO Study of the Sun