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LinkToSpace is a Belgium website made for people who are looking for the right astronomy or spaceflight site on the internet. This website contains links to websites about astronomy or spaceflight and brings you the latest news. You can also visit the Rocket & Satellite database for information about spacecrafts, rockets or space probes Telescopes. LinkToSpace will be your link to the universe…


  • House passes commercial space regulatory bill
    WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives approved legislation April 24 that would reform commercial remote sensing regulation and create a licensing regime for “non-traditional” commercial space activities. The House approved on a voice vote H.R. 2809, the American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act, after about 25 minutes of debate on the... Read more »
  • SN Military.Space | SecAF Wilson talks space reforms, ‘moving fast’ • SMC: Prototyping is back • GEOINT 2018 news
    You’re reading the SN Military.Space newsletter we publish Tuesdays. If you would like to get our news and insights for military space professionals before everyone else, sign up here for your free subscription. HOT TOPIC: Military space acquisition reforms underway. Prototyping is back. IC can’t get enough AI. Commercial data boom... Read more »
  • Iceye and Ursa Space forge SAR data-sharing partnership
    TAMPA, Florida — Iceye, the Finnish company flying a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) microsatellite, forged an alliance April 24 at the 2018 GEOINT Symposium with Ursa Space Systems, a firm that offers economic insights from geospatial data. “We signed an agreement with Ursa for them to have full access to our... Read more »
  • Can artificial intelligence help U.S. SOCOM track weapons of mass destruction?
    TAMPA, FLA. — Compared to the conventional military services, U.S. Special Operations Command has been ahead of the curve on technological innovation, especially in adapting commercial products for tactical missions. One area of technology that special operations forces have been shy to jump into is artificial intelligence, said Gen. Raymond Thomas,... Read more »
  • Satellite operators, data analysts agree on need for speed
    Geospatial data companies are focusing intently on quickly acquiring satellite imagery and delivering it to customers. “Speed is very important and will never not be important,” said Robbie Schingler, Planet co-founder and chief strategy officer. “This is a constant area of innovation.” Planet relies on 180 Earth observation satellites and 30 ground stations... Read more »
  • Avio eyes larger chunk of smallsat launch market
    WASHINGTON — The light-lift Vega rocket is Europe’s vehicle of choice for small satellites, but has mainly launched spacecraft weighing hundreds of kilograms. While that’s smaller than what Arianespace normally launches on an Ariane 5 or Soyuz, it’s not the “small” that people generally think of when they think smallsats. Last... Read more »
  • Lockheed Martin confident about winning GPS 3 competition
    WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin executives said April 24 they are confident they will win an Air Force competition for the next set of GPS 3 navigation satellites as questions swirl about what other companies, if any, submitted proposals. “We feel very confident about our proposal for the GPS 3 follow-on,” Lockheed... Read more »


Launch Date Launch Site Rocket Payload Mission
– 9 March Kourou Ariane 5 ECA Hot Bird 7A, SPAINSAT Communication satellites
– 14 March Vandenberg Pegasus Space Tech 5 3 micro satellites
– 30 March Baikonur Soyuz ISS 12S Expedition 12 crew
– 20 April Cape Canaveral Atlas 5 Astra 1KR Communication satellite
– 10 May Cape Canaveral Discovery STS-121 Manned spaceflight
– 17 May Baikonur Proton-M Hot Bird 8 Communication satellite
– 30 Juin Baikonur Soyuz Fregat METOP Weather satellite
– 22 July Cape Canaveral Delta 2 STEREO Study of the Sun